“Your excuses don't want you to read this book - but you should ignore them and plow ahead, because your life needs it.”
- Chris Guillebeau, Author of The Art of Non - Conformity & The $100 Startup
“The simplest piece of truth I've read in a while. If you read one thing today, between the news and blogs and youtube, let it be this. Consume it. Drink it.”
- Ishita Gupta, Founder of Fear. Less Magazine
“Bassam Tarazi cares more about your goals than you do. He proves it with The Accountability Effect. This manifesto challenges you to live a life on purpose. The fact that it is free, blows my mind.”
- Antonio Neves, Founder of THINQACTION
“Reading The Accountability Effect is like pouring fuel on your soul - reigniting purpose and passion, and recalibrating the course to live an exhilarating life.”
- Amy Kauffman, Founder of Crowd Cause

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